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What Shall I name It?

So I’m almost done with this quilt for Aaron and Vanessa. I started it last year and yes, I’m still working it. I have 145 blocks with about another 40 to go. I have over 65 hours of work in this baby. But what shall I name it?

What Shall I Name It?

What Shall I Name It?

My Appliqued Giraffe

As many of you know I LOVE giraffes.  They are just such a graceful and regal looking creature.  If you have ever been to my house you could spend a couple hours looking at my collection.  I have been collecting since Daniel was a baby and he’s going to be 33 years old in a couple of months.

So this is my sweet little Michelle.  Yes, I know she is a girl because I made her.  She is all hand appliqued and took me quite a while to make.  But my labor of love payed off and she is hanging on my wall by the front door greeting all who enter and bidding farewell when they leave.Image

Wool Applique

So I have actually been working on a project this past month.  It’s been difficult with all the traveling and wedding plans taking up 99.97% of my time, but life is just not the same without quilting.

I joined a block of the month club at one of our local quilt shops.  My friend Patt Anderson inspired me with one of her wool applique quilts, so I took the plunge and whao. . . .I’m hooked.  So here is my first four blocks that I have completed.  The images are all wool and it is stitched with a whip stitch on a background of Japanese dupioni fabric.  I’ll update my progress every four blocks, but it won’t be done until sometime in December.  Then I have to see them all together and quilt it.  I’m thinking I might handquilt it.  If I do that I probably won’t have finished quilt until 2020.  Oh well.ImageImageImageImage

Housework Makes You Ugly

I’m pretty disappointed that not one person played along with my last post.  Doesn’t anyone like to play “Wheel of Fortune?”  Well anyway, here is the completed quilt.  I think this saying is one of the funniest and most factual sayings I’ve come across.  So that probably says a lot about me, and it’s actually true.  I hate housework and when you do things you don’t like you look ugly.  Plus, I tend to do housework in the mornings before I have taken a shower, and I’m usually still in my sweats.  My hair is not combed and I, of course, have no makeup on.  So there you have it.

And this quilt makes me smile.

Mystery Wall Hanging

I decided that since I finished one project I should start a new one.  I attend a quilting class on Friday mornings and our project a couple of months ago was to make a word quilt.  But I couldn’t decide on what I wanted my word quilt to say until today.  So here it is in it’s beginning stages.  I have five letters done and in the postion where they will be.  If you like Wheel of Fortune this is your opportunity to play along with me.  I’ll be Vanna and you give me the next letter.  I’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong. The winner will get a word postcard mailed from me to you.

Have fun!

Unfinished Projects

All quilters, at least 99.99% that I have met so far, have this burning desire to start a new project before she, or he, completes the current one. Sometimes we just get bored. Some of us are ADHD and jump from one project to another, sometimes working on three or four all in the same day. Sounds crazy eh? Yeah, I think we are. So I started this Log Cabin block about three years ago. I wanted to do a black, white, and red quilt and I wanted to do this pattern. So I started it, made six blocks and then I went on to another project. I have no idea what it was. These blocks were buried somewhere in my studio, only to be unearthed several times. Each time I saw them I wanted to finish the project, but (sigh) it didn’t happen. So here comes 2012, and I tell myself to finish some projects already.

Ok, so I find the log cabin blocks and decide I didn’t really want to make any more blocks, but I would like to make a wall quilt, or a table topper to sell at the upcoming craft fair. So the first block shown here is the actual block called log cabin. The traditional Log Cabin block consists of a center square surrounded by light and dark strips. To enhance the theory of the block representing a log cabin, quilters were told that the center square – usually constructed with a red fabric – represented the warmth of the hearth. The strips surrounding the fire are the logs of a log cabin house; light logs represent the light coming through the window and the dark logs, the dark recesses of the room.

This is my arrangement with three borders to finish off. Now I have to decide how to quilt it. Any suggestions out there?

More Postcards


So I thought I’d share some more postcards with you today. 

The first two are leaves, which I suppose you knew.  I sent them to some wonderful ladies in my PostmardArt group to represent the letter “L”.  Cute huh?  The third one is my interpretation of the Flower Fields in Carlsbad with the rows and rows of ranancoulas flowers.  It is a sight to behold.