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An fiber artist using quilting to fulfill my desire and need to create.

Finished Collage

So earlier this year I posted three pictures of some squares I did for a collage piece.  Well, sometimes it takes me a little time to really finish a piece.  The middle picture in this collage is a leaf that grows on a grape vine in my back yard.  I stitched it on some fabric that I printed on my home computer.  I copied onto fabric a lettler that my friend Ethel sent me back in the 90’s.  Oddly enough, I still have letters from her and others.  I’m glad I saved them.  My plan is to have some of them printed at spoonflower.com onto fabric and I can use that fabric in quilts.

Blue grape leaf with script background

This leaf was from a sun dyeing day a couple of years ago.  This image was on a larger piece of fabric and I cut it out and stitched it onto this fabric.

The other squares on this piece are various media including water color sketching, mono-printing, sun printing, thread sketching, embroidery.  It all come together and I hand stitched it together and then added a button, some bling, and an old key we found in my Mom’s house in Sweetwater, Texas.


Collage Finished



Most of you know I participate in an online fabric postcard exchange group.   I send and receive handmade pieces of art from all over the world.  The name of the group is Postmark’dArt and the members in this group are really talented fiber artist.

So this latest exchange I signed up for  the theme of flowers.  I love sunflowers so I chose to do something with sunflowers.  I cut out some flowers I had in a batcik fabric and raw edge appliqued one to some black fabric.  Then I freehand thread sketched another flower in the opposite corner.  Then, of course, there’s the bling.  I love the bling.  I made four different postcards similiar to this one.Sunflowers

Thread Sketching

I took a class this past weekend with Jane LaFazio.  She is such an amazing artist and a truly improvisational teacher.   Because of her non-judgemental spirit I was able to create some pieces that will eventually become a cherished art quilt.   Here are three small pieces that I did that will be apart of it.

The grape leaf on the left was from some sun dyeing fun I had a couple of years ago using Setacolor transparent dyes from Pebeo.  The grape leaf is from a grape vine that has been growing in my backyard for about fifteen years.  My son Aaron planted it hoping to have his own home grown grapes.  It never produced many grapes but I love the vine.

The flower in the middle was also from sun dyeing that I cut out from the fabric and stitched in on top of some fabric I monoprinted on gelli plates.

The blue and green leaves on the right are mostly from a sad little ginkgo tree I have in the backyard.  I bought it from the Wild Animal Park about five or six years ago and it’s still only about 15″ tall.  But I do get some cute little leaves from it every year and I keep thinking it will eventually grow taller.

So stay tuned for the finish art quilt.  I have three more pieces that I created with various methods.


BooThis is Boo.  She was the much loved little dog to Shirlee Betty, a co-worker of Rich in Los Angeles.  Shirlee ask me to do this art quilt of Boo as a birthday present to her husband.  I sure hope he likes it.  She really loved it.

It was fun doing this.  I felt like I almost knew her after spending almost three months making her coat, ears, eyes, month and nose.  She had to have been loved so much.

On the label I put this verse. “If our love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.”  I think every pet owner feels this way about their furry family member.

What About Charlie?

Who is Charlie?  Well, Charlie is Aaron and Vanessa’s chocolate lab.Eng299

That’s him on the left of the two dogs.  Oh, and that’s Aaron and Vanessa during an engagement photo shoot.  Charlie is a very sweet dog, but a bit goofy and clumsy.

He was pretty much King Pin for the first three or four years of his life, but about a year after Aaron and Vanessa got married, along came Ezekiel.  And then he was not.

July 21

Ezekiel was the center of attention and Charlie knew his reign was over. So in this picture he is pretty much resigned to the fact that it’s all about the boy now.  Can’t you see it in his expression?  But he does love the boy anyway.

So when I saw this picture I knew I wanted to do an art quilt of Charlie.  He has such a soulful expression of “Whoa is Me”.  Why not the baby too you ask?  Well, it wouldn’t have worked as well.  Also, I’m saving that baby for his own art quilt.  I can hardly wait to find just the perfect picture.

CharlieSo here is Charlie, all by himself, with his sad, but soulful expression.  I made him for an auction at Visions Art Museum back last year.  The theme was something to do with chocolate, so instead of the usually connotation of yummy chocolate, I decided that a chocolate lab would be fun.  What’s so cool about this whole thing is that a well known and much beloved art quilt collector, Del Thomas, bought it and Charlie is now a part of her collection.  She wrote about it her blog and you can read about it if you go to her link and click on my name.


My Sister Loves Elephants

My sister, Claudia, loves elephants the way I love giraffes.  I would have to say her house is as full of elephants as mine is of giraffes.

So a couple years ago I came across a pattern of four intertwined elephants.  They look like they are following one another around a pole.  The beginning of the block is actually, in the quilters world, called a snails trail.QUILTS 005

From the very center of four 1 1/2″ squares it continues on with the beginning of the trunks.  Can you see the elephants heads beginning to take shape?  The pink one is a little more visible than the other one.




So here is the whole quilt.QUILTS 002  It actually only measures about 27″ x 27″ and she has it proudly on display in her living room.  She tells me it’s her favorite, but then, so I am (her favorite).  But that’s easy to say since I’m her only sister.





I had some fun QUILTS 004quilting elephants in the borders.  You have to look closely to see them since I used the same color thread as the fabric.   The corner blocks are a repeat of the beginning trunks.

Cool huh?

Quilting detial of elephants



Road to California is a Quilters’ Conference and Showcase of over 300 judged quilts from all over the United States.  It is held in Ontario, California every year at the end of January.  They have amazing quilt classes taught by the best teachers   from all over the nation as well.

So back in October I pondered if I should enter the quilt “Stars To Light Your Way” I had made for Aaron and Vanessa, and had just given to them.  Keep in mind it was a wedding present and they got married May 5, 2012.  So it was only one and half years late.  I had entered another quilt one other year and was rejected.  So my pride was still stinging a little, but lots of my colleagues had entered over the years and even the best gets rejected.  So I figured, “What the heck; give it a shot.”  I was so shocked when I received a congratulations email stating that my entry had been accepted.  They stated that “We pride ourselves on selecting from the highest quality entries for our Showcase.”

Here I am standing in front of the quilt on display at the show.

Kay standing with her quilt at Road to California

Kay standing with her quilt at Road to California

So, Aaron and Vanessa will get the quilt next week and I promise not to take it back again.