What Shall I name It?

So I’m almost done with this quilt for Aaron and Vanessa. I started it last year and yes, I’m still working it. I have 145 blocks with about another 40 to go. I have over 65 hours of work in this baby. But what shall I name it?

What Shall I Name It?

What Shall I Name It?

12 thoughts on “What Shall I name It?

  1. well, to me it looks like a bunch of pinwheels or plants touching each other, or connecting. Another synonym for connection is Kin or Kindred, so I might name it that. Maybe also something like “family tree” or something along that line. 🙂

  2. that looks amazing!!!!! I cant think of names. but it looks like a kaleidoscope. and if you STARE at it, it looks like its MOVING….. eeehhhh uuuughghhh…. now i’m feeling dizzy.

  3. I love this quilt you are making. Have you finished it yet? I made one almost like it but in a different color way…and actually, I like your black and white one more.

    • Thanks Michal. I am almost finished. It it king size, so a lot of blocks. I’ve entered it into the San Diego Quilt Show and I have to have it finished, quilted, and binded by September 2nd. I get bored working on it and work on other projects, but I have to finish it during August. I also want my design wall back for other projects.

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