Unfinished Projects

All quilters, at least 99.99% that I have met so far, have this burning desire to start a new project before she, or he, completes the current one. Sometimes we just get bored. Some of us are ADHD and jump from one project to another, sometimes working on three or four all in the same day. Sounds crazy eh? Yeah, I think we are. So I started this Log Cabin block about three years ago. I wanted to do a black, white, and red quilt and I wanted to do this pattern. So I started it, made six blocks and then I went on to another project. I have no idea what it was. These blocks were buried somewhere in my studio, only to be unearthed several times. Each time I saw them I wanted to finish the project, but (sigh) it didn’t happen. So here comes 2012, and I tell myself to finish some projects already.

Ok, so I find the log cabin blocks and decide I didn’t really want to make any more blocks, but I would like to make a wall quilt, or a table topper to sell at the upcoming craft fair. So the first block shown here is the actual block called log cabin. The traditional Log Cabin block consists of a center square surrounded by light and dark strips. To enhance the theory of the block representing a log cabin, quilters were told that the center square – usually constructed with a red fabric – represented the warmth of the hearth. The strips surrounding the fire are the logs of a log cabin house; light logs represent the light coming through the window and the dark logs, the dark recesses of the room.

This is my arrangement with three borders to finish off. Now I have to decide how to quilt it. Any suggestions out there?

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects

  1. I don’t know if you need to stay with the black and white theme when you continue the project (I also don’t quilt, so these suggestions may not work), but what about making it into a flower garden at night ? The black could be flipped over to become the bottom, and the leaves (if put diagonally) of a budding red flower that is seen in the white moonlight. Another idea is it could become a face perhaps. If you make one more like this square and flipped it so the black is on the outside, or opposite the other black from the original square, then the two squares together could look like a red eye with black eyelashes on a face. You could then add a nose and mouth when you add on other squares…maybe??? Or, one more – if you flip the square (again on the diagonal) so the black is at the top. it looks like a ballerina skirt, U could add one more red piece at the bottom to be a 2nd red dance slipper, and then create squares above the skirt square that can be the top of the ballerina??

    That’s all I have.
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks Deborah, I was thinking of appliqueing or quilting flowers into it. I may not do anything right away and see if something comes to me. I’ll put it up on my design wall and see what comes.
      Thanks a lot. Kay

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