Finished Collage

So earlier this year I posted three pictures of some squares I did for a collage piece.  Well, sometimes it takes me a little time to really finish a piece.  The middle picture in this collage is a leaf that grows on a grape vine in my back yard.  I stitched it on some fabric that I printed on my home computer.  I copied onto fabric a lettler that my friend Ethel sent me back in the 90’s.  Oddly enough, I still have letters from her and others.  I’m glad I saved them.  My plan is to have some of them printed at onto fabric and I can use that fabric in quilts.

Blue grape leaf with script background

This leaf was from a sun dyeing day a couple of years ago.  This image was on a larger piece of fabric and I cut it out and stitched it onto this fabric.

The other squares on this piece are various media including water color sketching, mono-printing, sun printing, thread sketching, embroidery.  It all come together and I hand stitched it together and then added a button, some bling, and an old key we found in my Mom’s house in Sweetwater, Texas.


Collage Finished


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