Art Quilt Tahoe

This past November I went to Tahoe, California, for an event called Art Quilt Tahoe.  My friends Linda and Carol were going and invited me to ride with them.  It took us two days to get there.  It’s always fun going on a road trip with friends, and these two were certainly no exception.  We were right on the lake and every room had an amazing view of the lake and mountains and trees and the sunset.  It was breathtaking.

I took a class with an amazing artist named Jane Dunnewold.  The class was Direct Botanical Printing.    Botanical printing was combined with surface design techniques consisting of  colored art papers, gel medium, fiber reactive dyes, and gold leaf  color creating pattern that can’t be achieved any other way. The results were beautiful and distinctive, and the process is definitely addictive!  These are just a few of the prints I made.


7 thoughts on “Art Quilt Tahoe

  1. These are beautiful Kay! So glad to know you are hooked. I am eagerly watching the bushes and trees bud out for the spring so I can get back to eco-printing myself.

  2. Hi there Kay! so good to hear from you!! i cannot believe it has been so long. I trust you are doing well and your blog spot is so nice. Great photos and art that you are doing!!

    I am still in kitchen design here in Denver. Nothing exciting just making money and waiting for warmer weather for motorcycle riding lol. It is still my favorite hobby.

    Take care love to you and your family. Babs


    • Hey Babs, What a great way to start my week, my morning. Thanks so much for popping in to say hi. I think about you and wonder where you are. Glad to hear from you. If you’re ever in San Diego please let me know. Would love to see you. Kay

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