It’s Been Awhile………………..

I keep saying I want to keep this blog up to date, and then I go do something else.  Anybody else have that problem?  Well, alas, here I am to show you some of the things I’ve been doing this past year.  Where do I start?

Ok, I have been wanting to do a Casey quilt for the past two years.  We lost her almost three years ago to old age I guess.  I just know Rich and I both mourned her for over a year and still miss her so much.  But it took me until now to be able to make this art quilt.  So here is “Casey – The Best Dog Ever”.  She will be traveling to Des Moines, Iowa, to be entered into the AQS, American Quilt Society, show in October.



I also made a quilt from a photo I took a couple years ago of a dahlia in my front garden.  I have been in love in dahlias since I saw a dinner plate dahlia in Victoria, BC, at Butchart Gardens.  Have you ever seen a dahlia that is 10″ in diameter?  It’s just mesmerizing.  You just can’t believe you’re really looking at a flower that big and perfect and beautiful.  So this is a closeup of a white dahlia I took a picture of, but it was really only about 5″ in diameter.  This quilt was judged into the Pacific Quilts International Festival last year in San Jose, and will be shown at Road to California with a special exhibit sponsored by  the Southern California Council Quilt Society.  I hope I got that right.  The special exhibit is called “Emerging Light”.




And the last thing I will show you is a 20″ x 20″ art quilt I made for a challenge from Cherrywood Fabrics.  This is their third year to post these challenges and this year it is called Van Gogh.  The piece must be exactly 20″ square and you have to use four of their fabrics.  The fabrics this years were three shades of blue and one black.  70% of the quilt must be of the blues and the piece has to “read blue.”  So I decided to do something that depicted a starry night, such as a starry night in Texas.  Ya’ll from Texas know what I’m saying.  I got an email today that said “Congratulations!  Your quilt is a finalist in our Van Gogh show.  So I’m hoping that it will be traveling from show to show for the next year or two.  Here is a link to tell you more about Cherrywood and the past two shows they have had.   You can click on the Wicked and Lion King to see the amazing quilts that were in those shows.

Oh, here is my “Oh Those Big Stary Nights”


Starry Night 1

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile………………..

  1. Congratulations Kay! Seems you have had the golden touch with your art work this year. I love all three quilts. And I know just how you felt about creating the memorial of Casey. What a treasure. xo

  2. Kay your quilts are absolutely amazing. Casey quilt brings back memories and the light in the Dhalia is fantastic. Not a bit surprised they all win awards!

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