My Sister Loves Elephants

My sister, Claudia, loves elephants the way I love giraffes.  I would have to say her house is as full of elephants as mine is of giraffes.

So a couple years ago I came across a pattern of four intertwined elephants.  They look like they are following one another around a pole.  The beginning of the block is actually, in the quilters world, called a snails trail.QUILTS 005

From the very center of four 1 1/2″ squares it continues on with the beginning of the trunks.  Can you see the elephants heads beginning to take shape?  The pink one is a little more visible than the other one.




So here is the whole quilt.QUILTS 002  It actually only measures about 27″ x 27″ and she has it proudly on display in her living room.  She tells me it’s her favorite, but then, so I am (her favorite).  But that’s easy to say since I’m her only sister.





I had some fun QUILTS 004quilting elephants in the borders.  You have to look closely to see them since I used the same color thread as the fabric.   The corner blocks are a repeat of the beginning trunks.

Cool huh?

Quilting detial of elephants


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