Road To California

Road to California is a Quilters’ Conference and Showcase of over 300 judged quilts from all over the United States.  It is held in Ontario, California every year at the end of January.  They have amazing quilt classes taught by the best teachers   from all over the nation as well.

So back in October I pondered if I should enter the quilt “Stars To Light Your Way” I had made for Aaron and Vanessa, and had just given to them.  Keep in mind it was a wedding present and they got married May 5, 2012.  So it was only one and half years late.  I had entered another quilt one other year and was rejected.  So my pride was still stinging a little, but lots of my colleagues had entered over the years and even the best gets rejected.  So I figured, “What the heck; give it a shot.”  I was so shocked when I received a congratulations email stating that my entry had been accepted.  They stated that “We pride ourselves on selecting from the highest quality entries for our Showcase.”

Here I am standing in front of the quilt on display at the show.

Kay standing with her quilt at Road to California

Kay standing with her quilt at Road to California

So, Aaron and Vanessa will get the quilt next week and I promise not to take it back again.

8 thoughts on “Road To California

  1. It is really beautiful. Love it!
    Waiting is good for the soul. I also had to wait a bit for a handmade gift. My mom went to sew me a fairy wand in 1st grade, but mending and such got priority, so it sat there ready to be assembled. I did finally receive that wand…when I had grown and married, and moved into my own home. LOL

  2. I hear you on the stinging rejection. My entry was rejected a couple of years ago.
    Congratulations on this quilt. We stood in front of your quilt yesterday at the show and admired it. What a lot of work though – WOW. Great work.

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