In 2010 Rich and I drove over 750 miles to visit my brother Danny and his wife Noemi, and daughter Kareli.  We wanted to spend Thanksgiving with them and I thought it would be fun to drive out there.  It was a nice long drive and we saw some amazing sunsets in the desert. Rearview Mirror

This one I took a picture of the side mirror with the reflection of the amazing sunset.  I probably took 25 picturs of the sunset, and yes they all look pretty much this same.  This one really is my favorite.

My brother and his wife and daughter have four dogs.  Yes, you heard me correctly, four dogs.  If it was up to Kareli they would have more.  This girl loves dogs.

Th Gang and KayThis is the whole gang including the four dogs, plus yours truly on the left.  Tigger is the one sitting on Kareli’s lap and I really just fell in love with this dog.  I would have brought him home but no one would let me.  But I did manage to get some close up pictures of him.

From one of those pictures I decided to make a fabric quilt postcard.  There was over 1500 donated pet-themed fabric postcards sold.

Here is the postcard which I donated to the Houston International Quilt Festival that was held this past year.   All proceeds benefited the  Friends For Life, a no-kill animal shelter in Houston.

TiggerI’m thinking about making another one of him, but maybe a little bit larger scale.  He was looking at me thinking I was going to give him a doggie bisket.  Yes, I did give him one.  What a sweetie.

4 thoughts on “Tigger

  1. Ugliest damn dog I’ve ever seen in my life! And he’ll pee on you if you make him angry! DEMANDS to be coddled! Which we do a lot, yes. He’s a Chinese pug. We got him in Presidio after someone was unable to “cross him over” and had to ditch him. He’s family!

      • A hundred dogs where Life is slow enough to look at or almost a million people zooming by left and right so fast it’s hard to see even an expression on Life? Which is better?

        No, no, no! Stupid question! Gotta run to a doctor’s appointment.

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