Ponies for Angie

Ponies for Angie

Last month I took a really fun class with Terry Waldron http://www.terrywaldron.com. I am a member of Canyon Quilt Quild and we have these great classes six times a year, always someone different and always a different technique. Well, Terry taught us to do a landscape wall quilt and I had a blast. If you saw my blog yesterday about the landscape fabric postcards then you now know where I got my inspiration.

So this quilt started with the blue skies, of course. That’s like one of the most important elements of a landscape. But not always I guess. Anyways, I added the mountain ranges and at first I had this narly old tree in the foreground. I love old trees and really liked this one, but I wanted horses running in the background and couldn’t make it work with both. So, against my will I chopped down the tree, put in a fence and added two ponies running around behind the fence.

Since Angie, my daughter-in-law, was turning 30 tomorrow, and she loves horses, and works with them and has been riding and training horses for more than half her life, I decided to give it her for her birthday. I think she likes it.

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